Surprised By Hate?

Brothers and sisters, I am sorry but I do need to weigh in on the hate that is becoming so rampant in our country. Yes, there has always been hate, but, as of late it has taken on a new passion. For some reason in our country we have began to hate one another. Even proclaiming Christians are shouting and pouring out hatred towards one another. I am not sorry to say that this hurts me.

In the days of Christ many hated. The Jews hated the Samaritans. The Romans hated everyone but themselves. Think of Jonah, he hated the people of Nineveh so much that he tried to run away from God rather than go to them and preach against its wickedness as God had instructed him to do. Even the Apostle John, in the days before the day of Pentecost while still with our Lord, asked Jesus if he wanted them to call down fire from Heaven to destroy a Samaritan village.  Luke 9:54.

Why do we get surprised by the hatred and shock of the morning news? I will preach the Good News of Jesus and will preach from the Word of God. And in that Word I find that God is warning us that there will be hatred and bitterness and envy and all such manner that satan uses to destroy us. We know our enemy, he HATES us! The world will hate us for loving Christ! Read 1 John 3 : 11 – 15, in that we are told how we are NOT to be surprised if the world hates us.

Here is the kicker….we can’t hate it back! (sigh)… I know that is tough! But that passage in the Bible tells us that if we hate our brother or sister, we are murderers and that no murderer has eternal life residing in him.

The message today is clear. Love, not hate, gets you to a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Set yourself apart and above what is happening in this temporal place we live and strive for GLORY in Christ! Eternity awaits us just over the hill. Welcome it with joy and love, not with bitterness and hate.

God Bless

Pastor Greg