Man, I love FALL!

Don’t you all love fall also? The cooler temps, FOOTBALL, the changing of the leaves, FOOTBALL, I am a hunter for meat for our table blessed by God’s bounty…. I hope! I might even slip in a FOOTBALL game in there somewhere. LOL!

Fall means various things to many people. I know some that dread it due to the coming of rain and cold. Maybe even snow…..YES! (That would be me again!) I have so much to say/blog about with Autumn or fall. I will cover a one topic this week and a couple next week.

First off, FOOTBALL. If you have not noticed, I may like the game just a smidge. Football, to me and some others, is just not 11 guys in sweaty and dirty jerseys trying to drive an oval shaped ball into the endzone and 11 other dudes in a different colored dirty sweaty jersey trying their best to stop that from happening. Football to some means teamwork and growth. We have 9 year old kids learning how to work together in a stressful and fast paced environment. We have Friday night lights when this community turns out enmasse to cheer on their high school team. In that night we have hearts broken at the dance afterwards, we also have dreams and aspirations’ of greatness on the gridiron. The politics fade into micro fragments and the only real heated debate is between old rivals from across the county about who’s memory is better of past football games when old men were young men stomping on his rivalries. Today this hometown draw is getting bashed and has taken on a very unfriendly stage on the national level. We have young men that once were merely trying to impress a coach or a collage scout, mostly that pretty cheerleader he asked to the dance, who are now using football to advance their own social agendas on a national level. Oh how we long for the days when we rushed home from Church to watch our pro teams compete. It seems pride and completion is being replaced. (sigh). I am not here to pick sides……. Because there isn’t one. If I chose one side of the line, the other side will call me out on my beliefs.

Jesus was called out for telling the truth. In John 8  : 52 they actually called Him demon possessed for telling them in vs 51, “I tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word he will never see death”.  If challenged on where you stand, stand on the side of truth. The truth found in Jesus Christ. His word, His truth and His sacrifice is the ONLY truth that can save you. In comparison to salvation and the GLORY OF GOD, not even our nation anthem stands in front of God. When people ask if you kneel for your rights, you can confidently say yes, I kneel at the cross of Jesus! Kneel where you wish, but, before Him, EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD INDEED!

God Bless!

Pastor Greg