Let’s Just Praise God

Lately I have been drawn to watching the news too much. I used to think that was only for my dad to do. I used to marvel and ask why he watched the news at night, it would just make him mad and allow us to listen to him rant at the dinner table. Yes, I a find myself in my dad’s shoes. I catch myself in mid rant about this or that injustice. I also find myself in prayer for those suffering flood, wind or most recently; fire. It saddens me to think about the innocent of these horrific and tragic things. I worry about the young, the old and the infirm. What can I do? It isn’t practical for me to go there and expect to save them from something that has already happened; or to offer a substantial change to their situations. So I pray. I always have that.

In my little office or in my truck, I contemplate these things. God has placed myself and my family AND my Church family in such a wonderful corner of His earth. We are so blessed to have crops growing on Cook road. We have milk being produced on Francis road. To see grain waving to me as I drive south on I-5 from Mount Vernon is a blessing. We have water running out of the mountains; clean and cold. We have deer, elk, salmon, geese and ducks; an entire ocean in front of us. But, we go to the fridge and complain, “Nothing to eat in this house!” Then we walk back to our comfy chair and watch more tragedy on our HD TV.

Can’t we just praise God?!? Can we all just take a moment and praise Him for what we have. And yes, we need to praise Him for what we do not have. We serve a God that knows exactly what we need and what we DON’T need. Next time you get up from your movie and start to complain about the lack of YOUR favorite flavor of ice cream in the freezer; be thankful you have a freezer. Also, thank HIM for all the blessings of your life; WAY too many to list here. Try everyday to find one thing to praise God about. Even at your lowest moment, praise Him that you have another moment. A moment to affect another’s life perhaps? A moment to remember that God loved you so much that He sent His one and only Son, to live and die for the remission of YOUR sin. Praise Him that you have another moment to share that blessing with another struggling person. That could mean a person struggling with fame, fortune and the drag of worldly things. To GOD be the Glory! Forever and ever and ever, AMEN!

Pastor Greg

Oct 15th 2017