Getting It Done Blog

Isn’t it great to be able to look back at something with satisfaction and the pride of accomplishment? Well, I wish I could do that with everything that I attempt. Many things that we see as a “gotta do it and do it now” items, turns out to be a “well, I can finish that later” kind of thing. Trust me on this one, some things are just that. Others are much, much more important. Such as the things God is asking us to do.
We have been meeting lately within our Church to discuss what God is looking for us to do. Yes, Preach, teach, baptize and seek the lost ARE what God is asking us to do, but, I am talking more specifically about the little things, the things that seem to get over looked. We have identified things like serving our shut ins. We want to serve our Senior Saints better. We are building and preparing plans to safeguard our people in event of an emergency, natural disaster or even a freak snow storm. These are things that the Bible is silent on but are necessary for the people of the Church and the community.
We are here to seek the lost and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What better way to do that while assisting/serving them in a time of their greatest need. We are asked in James 1 : 26-27 to look after the “widows and orphans”. How can we say we love our neighbor but allow them to flounder in need? How can we DO for the least of these if we do not LOOK to the least of these?
The winds of November are coming and the cold is roaring in. Many in our community are suffering. Join us, the Body of Christ, in serving them and displaying the love that Christ has for us with the means at our disposal.

“A blanket can warm the body, but Love warms the heart.”

God Bless this community! Pastor Greg