Blogging on a Saturday night!

Hello again family and friends in Christ Jesus! Just a quick word about tomorrow, Sunday, March 22nd. You know, Church day? Ok, I am being a wise acre. Here is the deal. We are called to worship HIM. Amen? That is not a Sunday at 11:00 am thing only. That is an everyday 24/7 love of your life relationship! Do I love to gather and worship and praise with my family in Christ? YES, I DO! But I would rather my family in Christ be safe, together in heart and in a common purpose of taking care of yourself and one another. So, with that said, here is what the Elders and I have discussed for moving forward:

We are going to continue as long as we can using the CDC and our leaders guidelines. It is really tough to serve God and guidelines at the same time! LOL. But we can if we do this smart and diligently, right?

We WILL be practicing “social distancing” the best we can. Please, if you are coming to Church tomorrow, no grouping up and chatting. Please come in, sit at least 6 feet apart and respect others space. (I don’t like this, I am a hugger as you all know).

Communion. An essential to our faith. We will still be observing this the same as we did last week. Please, only a few at the tables at a time. Please. I will be helping monitor this.

We have closed the nursery. Kids will be staying with the adults all the way through tomorrow.

We will not be having a coffee service tomorrow, or until this is all over. I KNOW, RIGHT?

After Church, please exit the building while practicing “social distancing”. Once again, I find myself bucking the flank strap on this one cuz you all know we love to visit. But, for the next little while, we are gonna have to use the phone, text, email or carrier pigeon to visit.

A few of us will be coming back later to wipe it all down and disinfect.

Yes, we will be having Wednesday night as a prayer time, but that is the only other activity at the Church right now until it is deemed appropriate. All other groups: Hispanic group, CA/NA groups, and Girls scouts have all suspended meeting.

I do encourage you all to reach out to each other. Is there something we can be doing for you or for each other? If and by all means, if we are missing something, please let us know. We have never led a Church through a pandemic before, new to us!

I do love each and everyone of you. I pray health and love for all of the Body of Christ and for all those that do not know Him now. When we are at our weakest, HE is at HIS strongest!

Bless you all! And remember, TO SERVE HIM WE SERVE EACH OTHER!

Pastor Greg