Staying Clean And Safe

Good evening family and friends! Wow! Long spring and weird circumstances! People sick and dying! What are we to do? Government making us do things we do not like.

We all are asking that question. What can we do? Where can we turn for relief from all of this? Yes, of course you can turn to Jesus. Increase your prayer time. Read your Bible more, (just a request from your Pastor).

But frankly, the answer is this: We can only do what we can do. God is in control. We trust and believe that no matter what, He has us! There are a few things we CAN do though.

1. Obey Him!

2. Follow protocols

3. Stay safe

4. Love one another through the storm

5. As the scriptures says: Hebrews 10:24-25 “ ..not stop meeting together..”

And with that one I want to encourage you to encourage each other to “ spur on one another towards love and good deeds…” At one point we could not congregate, but now we can. We can go to Bible study. We can worship together in love and encourage each other. It lifts each other’s heart and spirits to see their family and friends together. AND, we are being safe in the process.

We are cleaning. We are distancing. We ask you to wear a mask. (I would prefer to see your smile and hug you, not my choice right now). We have hand sanitizer….everywhere! Communion is done in a safe self-contained manner. We are doing what we can where we can.

We have to ask ourselves; what is important? In light of my Lord’s Life, Death and Resurrection, a mask is nothing. Having to stay 6 feet away is just an inconvenience compared to the persecuted Church around the world today. I can still stand on my porch and sing a hymn at the top of my lungs, my neighbors already know I am weird. But, I AM STILL FREE TO BE A CHILD OF THE KING! No one can snatch me from His hand…. John 10 : 28-29

So family; consider worshiping with your family again. We miss you. And I believe I can speak for any Pastor, I miss you! I love you and I want to see you!

In Jesus name, and the people said, AMEN!